Play Forever

Play Paddles Hyper-grip™ technology means our one-of-a-kind designs stay looking hot on the court for much longer than the competition. Our technology helps preserve the integrity of our vibrant paddle colors and designs.
We Make Pickleball Even More Fun

Even the word Pickleball is fun and silly. Shouldn’t your Pickleball paddles be as well? We make USAPA approved Pickleball racquets that also make you smile. Play Paddles infuse more fun into every match. If you don’t want more fun in your everyday…well…are you ok?

Nothin’ But The Good Stuff

This isn’t one of those deals where we wave around bright colors to distract you from what’s really going on. Our Pickleball racquets are unique, bright, and beautiful, AND made of durable, reliable materials so that you can always bring your A game. Our 16mm thick Pickleball paddles are made with a responsive core and cushioned comfort grip handle. PS our unmatched weight distribution will make you audibly say ‘whoa.’ 

Inclusivity Is IN

You know what’s really awesome? Everyone can play Pickleball! Your grandma, your young kids, your teenagers, your spouse, your neighbors! For us, Pickleball is about community. It’s a simple way to pause, move, and connect. With Play Paddles, every day is a Play Pickleball party and everyone’s invited.