why play?
Psst! There’s no rule that says just because you’re a grown up you should stop playing. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite.

Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed of the day that you could play with your friends way past dinner time?

This might blow your mind but—you can do that! You can spend your evenings and weekends playing with your friends and family instead of scrolling! You can add fun into your everyday. And what’s more fun than Pickleball? At Play Paddles, we believe that play isn’t something you grow out of. We embrace this with playful designs and high-quality Pickleball racquets that make playing Pickleball with your friends and family even more fun. So do the thing that 8-year-old you dreamed of doing—Play with your friends. We triple-dog-dare you!

The Nitty Gritty


Play Paddles are USAPA approved! If that doesn’t mean a whole lot to you, here’s what you need to know—Play Paddles Pickleball paddles have gone through rigorous testing to receive USAPA approval and are the best of the best. AKA our Pickleball racquets have been inspected by the USA Pickleball Association and deemed acceptable for official tournament play.

Play With Hyper-grip™


Developed by the Play Paddles team, this exclusive new surface makes Play Paddles more responsive in play and power. All Play Paddles are made of a composite core with a carbon fiber exterior and new, Hyper-grip™ surface. Designed with friction technology, Play Paddles racquets give players more control and spin on the ball.

Play Your Heart Out


Polypropylene honeycomb core means your paddle will not break, bend, or crack. Strong carbon fiber graphite texture has a rough surface for high control and aggressive playing. Ergonomic one-piece edging withstands even the hardest hits. 

Play With Ease

Comfortable Grip Handle

Padded high-end keel grip tape covers cushioned handle for extended high-impact playing. Sweat-absorbent no-slip design for secure performance. Ideal for full hand and wrist flexibility. 

Play Anywhere


Pickup a game anywhere and anytime. Lightweight pickleball racquet for use on a court, in your driveway, or inside. Waterproof neoprene zipper cover included to protect your investment. 

Play With Everyone


Perfect for all ages and skill levels; entry, elevated and elite. Paddle is designed for elevated competition. Fun, vivid, and colorful designs on both sides will stand out in a sea of boring paddles. Elevate your game and play like a professional with a fun Pickleball racquet. 

Play With Peace of Mind


90-day warranty. Extend your warranty to 6 months by registering your paddle. Play Paddles is an American company with easy-to-reach Customer Support. Paddle is .62" thick, 15.75" long, and 8" wide. Weight 7.8-8.1. Grip size 4 3/8".