If you haven’t already noticed, we like to play and have fun. We wrote some pretty sweet Pickleball haikus to share our story.

Our story in haikus.

This is too much fun...


“The Beginning”

A mom, overworked
Dentist dad needs an outlet
Pickleball it is


“The Middle”

“Normal” paddles—yuck!
Pickleball is silly, why
Aren’t the paddles too?


“The End”

Genius strikes! They will
Create their own! Play Paddles
Make everyone smile


Ok, it was a little more complicated than that, but we couldn’t resist trying to turn it into a few haikus (AKA our favorite poetic form of self expression). Here are the nuts and bolts of the story behind our Pickleball racquet for those of you that don’t like interpreting our (excellent, we think) haikus.

Our Fearless Leaders

Dynamic duo Todd and Julie Hillyard started Play Paddles in 2020 after coming to the conclusion that the world needed Pickleball paddles that were just as fun as the sport! Self-proclaimed Pickleball addicts, Todd and Julie are fanatical about creating the best Pickleball paddles that are not only of the highest quality, but also give picklers an opportunity to express themselves through innovative designs that remind us all why we’re playing Pickleball—for fun!